Pakistan railway Services and details

What is the Pakistan railway?

The word railway is a track or a network of tracks that are made up of steel rails along which trains run. These bars of the railway track are continuous by forming a pair of lines which are laid on the ground forming a railway track, at a time one train travels on a pair of lines. Pakistan railway is a national company of Pakistan its track covers 7791 kilometers across Pakistan. Its headquarter is located in Lahore city.

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This track starts from Torkham to Karachi by moving large traffic of passengers. Pakistan railway plays a major role in transforming a huge amount of goods and provides passenger services from one area of Pakistan to another area of Pakistan.

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This railway system of Pakistan provides an important mode of Transportation by reducing the distance and by also bringing close to the business class.

Pakistan Railway Services

Pakistan railway is also a member of the International Union of Railways because of improvement in the infrastructure of current rail and the increase in train speed and due to the increase in passenger numbers. Pakistan railway is a modern name of the Pakistan Western Railway.

Pakistan Railways Services

Pakistan railways play a major role in transport services for goods and passengers in a very easy way. Trains consist of easy seats due to this feature journey becomes very comfortable. In new railway services of Pakistan, a Wi-Fi facility is provided which makes a journey more pleasant.

Pakistan Railway Services also include advisory and consultancy services in which advice is transferred to the passengers regarding time table, ticket availability, and time-saving services. Pakistan Railway Services also include the provision of every eating and drinking stuff and also provides catering services.

Pakistan Railway services show improvement in performances of increased distance coverage in a very short time, speed increment, quality of trains is improved. The railway track distance is increased. Pakistan is a safe country in the world and the journey through the trains is also very safe and comfortable.

Pakistan Railway services also include services of online ticket provision, so that seats can be reserved by online booking method. Pakistan Railways services include helpline numbers calling through these numbers every Pakistani will be able to know about the up to date information about trains time table or tickets prize. Pakistan Railways provide services when a new train is launched and the journey by this train is free of cost till 2 to 3 days after launching it.

Pakistan railways services also provide special trains for Eid ul Fitr, Eid ul Azha and Independence day. The number of passengers who travel through trains is increasing day by day due to the improved performance of the trains system. Pakistan railways services also include the provision of coolies at the railway station. These cookies help the passengers by lifting their luggage and transfer it to the point of destination.

Pakistan railway VIP Class

The word VIP stands for a very important person who is very special due to his high social status or importance. For VIP Class the services of Pakistan Railways are also of very high quality and luxurious and its services charges are also high than the average class.

For VIP class Pakistan Railway services are very appreciative which include the following things, the first luxury look is the neat and clean red carpet, next are all the coaches which are refurnished and comfortable, elegant bedding, fan, pillow, blankets and LED TV. A Dinning car or a restaurant car contains fine dining on the wheels, elegantly decorated table, restaurant guys remain busy with decorations,

its front view contains a big LED TV. Assistant driver in a proper uniform, Air conditioner facility, cold water, and attached washroom facility in AC Sleeper train for VIP class. This VIP Class is provided in each and every facility also including the first aid service in case of any incident.

Pakistan railway Business Class

Pakistan Railway provides short cut routes to the business class so that they could reach on time to their location. For business class, the cabin for sitting is provided which is very wide and comfortable. this cabin contains a washroom facility. You can spend your journey time either by sitting or lying.

There is also the facility of LCD so that you can watch dramas, movies, or news. In this cabin, there is also a proper ventilation system for the fresh air exchange. In one cabin of the business class, there is a space of six passengers to travel easily. You can put your luggage here because there is enough space to put everything in. There is a window in this cabin and there are some plugs for charging your cell phone or any other device.

There is a fan and AC service provided for this business class. Pakistan Railway business class tickets are also slightly of the high price due to the provision of its high-class services. The departure and arrival time of trains for business class is very short and the train covers the distance in a very short time and the business class reaches their destination on time.

Pakistan railway Economy class

Economy class is the cheapest class of rail travel, this class utilizes his available resources by careful means. This economy class is also called third class this word distinguishes it from the business class and the VIP Class. This economy class is a low priced type of class for traveling. Pakistan railway provides good services to economy class also. This economy class pays less price for tickets. Their journey is also safe like other classes. This economy class also reach their destination on time.

The departure and arrival time of the train will also be the same as other classes, but the main thing which differentiates this from other classes is of services which are provided in their cabins like AC facility is not there, there is no LCD facility.

For this economic loss, seats are closer to each other not unlike other classes’ seats which are much more widespread. The train during its journey also stops at different stations where people can go outside the train and can get every desired thing till that short duration and then will come back to their destiny. Pakistan Railways also provide the safest journey to the economy class.

Pakistan Railways Tickets

Pakistan railway tickets can be received either through railway offices or by online method seats can be reserved. These tickets are of the low price for the railway servants,  workers and for the old citizens of age 65 years at the time of booking, as they get discount during traveling. Pakistan railway tickets are of different prices depending upon their category or class of traveling, which are VIP class, business class, and economy class.

The ticket prices of these classes are different because of the provision of the services to them. The VIP Class tickets are very expensive after it’s business class tickets prize is high, then of the lowest price of the ticket is for economy class. These tickets will not be available due to the traffic of passengers traveling then these tickets will be available on an extended date. Tickets price depends upon the distance of traveling if the distance is more then the ticket price will also be high.

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